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Snowmass RRoyal Stars

Birthdate: 10/23/2007
Heritage: Full Peruvian
ARI #: 30820456
Color: White

Photos taken  10/15/2013


In Service Since: 2009



Champion Offspring:
(our four oldest offspring)

RR Anastasia
RR Arturo
RR Tosca
RR Bacchus

Micron Count
2008: 16.37/ 3.46/ 21.11/ CF100%
2009: 18.5/4.0/21.6/ CF 99.0%/ curv 57
2010: 20.0/ 4.1/ 20.7/ CF 97.4%
2011: 23.7/ 4/8/ 20.1/ CF 90.1%
2012: 24.4/ 4.9/ 20.4/ CF 88.2%
2013: 24.2/4.4/18.16/90.16
It is possible to find "world class" herdsires on relatively small farms...and if we weren't on small acreage we wouldn't be offering this one for sale. We bought Roy's mom, at auction, hoping that the breeding on board would bring us a male that would bring "elite" fiber to our breeding program. We needed to "cover" our Guns n Roses daughters, since we suspected there would be few grey males who could outperform the "complete package" that GnR had proved to be in our program. We suspected after a very commendable show career, that Roy would "be our man". We knew that the lines were impeccable, but we were blown away when we saw what his Watt biopsy confirmed:
Follicle density testing (Ian Watt)

Follicle density: 79.51 /mm2
S/P: 13.0:1
Dp:Ds ratio 1.42

" This is the 4th densest (2nd living alpaca) alpaca that we have tested in the US and the 5th in the world" (as of 6/30/09)

Roy has given us fabulous whites out of our small white herd, but coming as he does, out of 2 outstanding fawns, he is a genetic fawn with a dilution gene. He has consistently given us elite fleece out of our colored dams, but in mom's color, as well as fawn out of white!

At 6 years of age, he is in his prime as a herdsire. His mom is our best production female and has given us Rose Fiona, Rose La Reina, and Rose Tsarina. We could fill a wall with their banners, blues and a "Judge's Choice".
Most recently she gave us Gun's Sharpshooter...

Our breeding strategy is to use a stud for 2-3 years and then pick the male offspring to continue his line. We expect his son, Arturo to start this summer and Bacchus is waiting in the wings...

We are happy to provide fleece samples on Roy's offspring. Breed him for white or color.
You cannot lose with him.

Awards Received
Alpacamania, 2008:
Reserve color champion Judge David Barbosa
TxOLAN, 2009:
Second place of 15. Judge Tim Lavan
SWRAS, 2009:
First place of 13. Judge Amy Bliss Miller
Alpacapalooza, 2009; First placeof 11. Judge Ruth Elvestad
California Classic, 2009; First place and
Color champion Judge Cathy Merkeley
Alpacamania, 2009;
First place and Color champion Judge Dianna Timmerman
TxOLAN, 2010;
First place of 12. Judge Ken Hibbet
MOPACA, 2010; Second place  of 15Judge Amanda Vanden Bosch
GWAS, 2010; Second place  of 15. Judge Jill McLeod
ABR Fall Festival, 2010: Second place of 9 mature males, Judge Jude Anderson