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RR Mona Lisa

Biopsy Report
Density: 47.8/mm2
S:P  10.4:1

Density Geneology

Mona Lisa has rock solid conformation. She is well proportioned, sturdy and carries herself with grace and an emerging confidence. She sports a very dense blanket with long, well organized fiber, that is defined by a very consistent crimp and soft hand...

Not surprising given her pedigree.

Mom is RR Rose Carmen, one of the most stylish daughters of the many that we were blessed with out of our superstar Guns n Roses, who just seemed to consistently hit it out of the park in every color but white and light. A four time banner winner, her elegance makes Carmen a standout in our herd.
We were confidant that Carmen would deliver the goods when her curriculum vitae came to include follicle testing through Ian Watt not only revealing a density of 50.3/mm2 and an S/P of 10.3, but an extremely uniform fiber population with a differential in micron between primaries "in skin" (19.7/ SD 2.7) and secondaries (14.1/ SD 2.2) of just 5.6 microns.

Mona Lisa's dad is Snowmass Midnight Sun, a major contributor to our gene pool. He is a 5 time banner winner, who acquitted himself well in the show ring against some of the best light fawns in the country, despite the fact that he is a "stealth black", "wolf in sheep's clothing", Snowmass Midnight Magic son who has sired excellence in black in our program.
His Watt follicle testing revealed a follicle density of 63.2/mm2 and an S/P of 11.2...not too shabby!

There are some interesting color genetics at work here and Mona has the goods to be a solid contributor to any color breeding program.

Awards Received
SWRAS, 2012: First place, Judge Polly Michaelis