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 Donít forget, he just made the densest female in ANY color biopsy tested (Watt) and she is BLACK!!!

ARI #: 30820425

Micron Count
2008: 17.24/ 4.06/ 23.56/ CF 100%
2009: 19.1/ 4.1/ 21.5/ CF 98.7% curv 47(Watt)
2010: 20.9/ 4.7/ 22.6/ CF 96.4%

Follicle testing (Ian Watt)(6/30/09)
Follicle density:63.17/mm2
S/P 11.2:1
Dp:Ds ratio: 1.51

Density Geneology


Snowmass Midnight Sun

Snowmass Midnight Magic x Snowmass Golden Dreamz

Maker of STUNNING blacks...and Champions!

Daughter RR Belleza Nera Biopsy
Awards Received
SWRAS, 2008 Third Place, Judge Amanda VandenBosch
Cal Classic, 2008 Second Place, Judge Kevin O'Leary
AOBA Nationals, 2008 Second Place (composite), Judge Charlene Friedman

Alpacamania, 2008:
Reserve Color Champion
Judge David Barbosa
Alpacafest West, 2008: Color Champion Judge Tim Lavan
TxOLAN, 2009: Third of 12 outstanding males. Judge Tim Lavan
SWRAS, 2009: Reserve Color Champion Judge Amy Bliss Miller
California Classic, 2009:First place and Color Champion Judge Cathy Merkeley
Alpacamania, 2009; First place and Color Champion Judge Dianna Timmerman
TxOLAN, 2010; First place of 12. Judge Ken Hibbits
MOPACA, 2010; First place Judge Amanda Vanden Bosch

Sunny has been very effective as a stud in our program. He has brought the fleece characteristics one would expect in a light fawn multi champion and he has consistantly put those charactistics into clors from fawn through black...producing banners in his offspring.

Sure he can produce at least 505 black when bred to black (he has exceeded that), but look at the fiber analytics on our webpage, in both micron and density...especially in black.
He not only has improved micron all the dams that he has been bred to but has consistantly produced densities over 50, even in balck and his offspring are all in the top percentages of all blacks sampled through Alpaca Consulting USA, Ian Watt and includes RR Belleza Nera, the densest female alpaca in ANY color that he has biopsied as of 9/17/13..a striking blue black female.

Sunny's density is not too shabby:

Follicle testing (Ian Watt)(6/30/09)
Follicle density:63.17/mm2
S/P 11.2:1
Dp:Ds ratio: 1.51

He is a utility breeder who will fit into any color breeding program and raise across herd statistics across the color spectrum.
We are trying to keep a relatively small herdire row and Sunny's genetics have been well represented in our herd, so he is also being offered for sale.
He's young and has a strong libido. He settled his first female at 17 months.