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RR Guns Ablazin' X Snowmass Golden Dreamz
DOB: 9/12/2011
ARI# 31620031


Density: 64.6/mm2
S:P   11.8:1

Density Geneology

RR Legato Grigio
(Grey Legacy...)

Legato Grigio is the assimilation of the 2 most important lines that we wanted to bring to our grey breeding program. He comes by his elite fleece not unexpectedly.

Dad is RR Gun's A'Blazin' who has now shown by both histograms, and follicle skin testing that he is consistantly producing fineness, density and uniformity and was a 15 time banner winner.

Mom, Snowmass Golden Dreams, has been one of our best producers. We have amassed countless banners from her offspring, among whom is our pre=potent herdsire Snowmass Midnight Sun.

The numbers don't lie:

2012 16.0/ 3.9/ 23/ CF 100%/ length 90mm
2013 18.3/ 4.1/ 23/ CF99%/ length 105mm

Biopsy (Alpaca Consulting/ Ian Watt):
Density 64.6/mm2
S/P ratio 11.8:1
In-skin mean primary fiber diameter: 25.9 SD 2.8
In-skin mean secondary fibre diameter: 20.6 SD 2.8
Excellent density well supported by an above average S:P ratio and very uniform fiber populations, among the best recorded for this color to date.

Awards Received
Gold Country Gathering: First Place, Judge Sara Jane Maclellan.
A-OK Blastoff, 2012: Second Place, Judge Sharon Loner
2013 SWRAS First Place Jude Anderson

There were three Renaissance Ridge Greys in the front row for Color Champion (which went to RR Guns Kit Carson CC and RR Guns of Navarone RCC
First Place (no championship) 2013 Alpacamania Judge Diana Timmerman
First Plac
e, RESERVE COLOR CHAMPION 2014 SWRAS Judge Jude Anderson
First Place (no CC) 2014 Alpacamania Jude Anderson
First Place,
  2014 Gold Country Gathering Kathy Klay