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1. Place bubbly wrap bubble side up on towel...

DSCF1849 [320x200].JPG (16274 bytes)

2. Get your rovings or raw fiber or batts...

DSCF1850 [320x200].JPG (17397 bytes)

3. Place 1 row of rovings, overlapping each one to avoid open spaces.

DSCF1853 [320x200].JPG (16729 bytes)

4. Place second row going perpendicular to first row, overlapping each roving.

DSCF1856 [320x200].JPG (17077 bytes)

5. After adding thrid row of rovings, add soapy HOT water to fiber.

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DSCF1860 [320x200].JPG (19288 bytes)

7. Place second piece of bubble wrap on top with bubble facing down.

DSCF1863 [320x200].JPG (26248 bytes)

8. Begin to massage hot water and soap throughout the fiber.

DSCF1864 [320x200].JPG (21098 bytes)

9. Continue to work the fiber until it felts.

DSCF1866 [320x200].JPG (21328 bytes)


DSCF1867 [320x200].JPG (18150 bytes)

10. Roll felted fiber up in bubble wrap and roll with pressure until felting has completed.

DSCF1868 [320x200].JPG (16739 bytes)


DSCF1869 [320x200].JPG (17868 bytes)

11. Begin shaping your shape with more soapy hot water.

DSCF1871 [320x200].JPG (19310 bytes)

12. I like to use bubble wrap to massage the felt to form the shape.

DSCF1872 [320x200].JPG (21461 bytes)

13. I also use tuille to help mold felt.

DSCF1873 [320x200].JPG (18836 bytes)

14. See the hat taking shape.

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DSCF1876 [320x200].JPG (19322 bytes) DSCF1877 [320x200].JPG (19795 bytes) DSCF1878 [320x200].JPG (19288 bytes) DSCF1879 [320x200].JPG (19667 bytes) DSCF1880 [320x200].JPG (18434 bytes) DSCF1881 [320x200].JPG (19489 bytes)
DSCF1882 [320x200].JPG (17028 bytes)


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DSCF1886 [320x200].JPG (11921 bytes)

Finished two-tone felted alpaca hat!